One of the many reasons Marimaca is such an exciting project is its location, just in land from the capital of copper, Antofagasta, and the port town of Mejillones.

This positions Marimaca close to established power, water, road, rail, and port infrastructure, but more importantly still, a supply of experienced labour and the requisite technical and administrative services necessary to design, build and manage a mine. We believe that Marimaca could be a preferred area employer because it could offer the opportunity to commute to work daily, rather than the alternative rotational mine camp systems (and costs).

The Marimaca Project is comprised of eight property areas covering multiple concessions. In common, they share many similar geological characteristics and potentially form a single deposit. Through a series of acquisitions and purchase options, Marimaca Copperhas control over this area, and indeed a considerable amount of land across the region.

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