Marimaca’s location is ideal. It is at low altitude in Chile’s Coastal Copper Belt, 25km east of the port of Mejillones and 45km north of Antofagasta.

Marimaca benefits from ready access to a skilled workforce, water and power as well as supplies of sulphuric acid and consumables. Roads, rail networks and deep-water ports are in close proximity.

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The Marimaca Project

Discovered, controlled, and explored by Marimaca Copper, and currently being considered for development options, the Marimaca Project is one of the largest copper discoveries in northern Chile for over a decade and demonstrating its potential to be one of the best new open-pittable copper oxide project in the future.


The initial discovery at Marimaca 1-23 was made by Sergio Rivera, Marimaca’s VP of Exploration. His hunch that this area had the potential to be a big project was confirmed only a few months later when a one-in-a hundred-year rainfall washed the Atacama dust away and revealed the green colored mountain side at Marimaca. Sergio and his experienced team are now advancing a second phase of exploration at Marimaca, with over 150 drill holes for approximately 50,000 metres.

Exploration and Development

As an early phase in the mining life cycle exploration has the potential to demonstrate significant value, which Marimaca Copper has demonstrated from the original discovery through the publication of an enlarged Mineral Resource Estimate in December 2019. The Marimaca has also demonstrated that it is a lower-risk project because, not only has the actual discovery been made and exploration realised a robust resource, it’s location is favourable to being at low altitude and within close proximity of infrastructure and a skilled workforce. This will become clear as Marimaca Copper advances a range of engineering studies in 2020.

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Visit Marimaca

Whether a day trip there and back from Santiago, or just the hour’s drive from Antofagasta, Marimaca is one of the most easily accessible copper projects today.

If you are interested in attending one of our 2020 site visits, please contact us:

We also host VRIFY software here and a selection of photos from the project, so you can take your own virtual tour of the project.


Marimaca Copper is home to some of the best exploration geologists in the business who are behind many well-known Chilean and international discoveries. They are part of a wider technical and commercial team, supported by a strong Board and two private equity backers at the vanguard of mining investment.

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