Coro Announces Filing of Amended Material Change Report and Valuation

Jun 19, 2018 | PDF

June 19, 2018 - Marimaca Copper Corp. (“Coro” or the “Company”) (TSX Symbol: COP) the Company announces that it has filed an amended and restated material change report (the “Amended Material Change Report”) and a copy of an independent valuation in connection with the transactions announced by the Company on April 19, 2018. It has also filed a copy of the binding term sheet dated April 18, 2018, superseded by the convertible facility agreement dated June 18, 2018, in connection with such transactions.

In connection with the strategic review process referenced in the Company’s news release dated April 19, 2018, the Company, through a special committee of the directors, retained Evans & Evans, Inc., of Vancouver British Columbia to prepare a comprehensive valuation report (the “Valuation”) of the fair market value of SCM Berta as at February 28, 2018. Evans & Evans delivered the draft Valuation on April 12, 2018 and the final Valuation on April 20, 2018. Evans & Evans, Inc. also provided the special committee with a fairness opinion dated March 28, 2018 which concluded that the Greenstone Investment, including an internal proposed restructuring of certain of the Company’s subsidiaries and intercompany liabilities, was fair, from a financial point of view, to the shareholders of the Company aside from Greenstone II Resources II, L.P. and its affiliates.

The Amended Material Change includes a summary of the Valuation and an update on the transaction to date. A copy of the Amended Material Change Report ,the Valuation, which sets out the assumptions made, qualifications expressed, procedures followed, matters considered and limitations on review, the binding term sheet and the convertible facility agreement have been filed under the Company’s profile at

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